Balance is Good

My goal with Neutralize is to help people achieve balance in their life. There are so many extremes, black and white, right or wrong, up or down, left or right but rarely do we allow ourselves to find the gray area, make our own choice to have mixed emotions or try out a few things instead of just one. We rarely work on finding the balance. It is more often than not diet or no diet, workout or no workout, crossfit only, yoga only, grains or no grains at all. We are either on or off, and this labeling turns into a self-reflection and we end up letting these behaviors define who we are as people. If we are on, we are  “good” and have “succeeded,” if we are off then we are “bad” and “failed.”

Tell me how this is productive?

Why can’t we find a balance? Where there is balance there is more relief, peace, room for error, exploration and discovery, fun, flexibility, and much less anxiety, pressure, negative energy, and boredom. Seems like something we might want to achieve, huh?

Understanding where the lack of balance is in our lives is important so we can begin to swing the pendulum a little to the other side. Goals are often seemingly unattainable because we fail to see the imbalance and the all-or-nothing thinking. With this all-or-nothing thinking comes the idea that we have to sacrifice all of one thing to get another. I don’t know about you but that would make me feel a little angry. I want my nachos every once in a while, but I also understand that when I am not having them I enjoy eating things like grilled chicken, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

I have found balance in my life with food and physical activity through many years of imbalance. Years ago I lived my life as “if it’s not healthy then I can’t eat it. I have to exercise every day and I have to do the same things for exercise because I know it is enough and if I change it, I risk not getting a good enough workout. This thought process led to severe burnout, deprivation, depression, and social impingement. Through many patterns like this, I realized that in order for my mind and body to feel at its best I needed to have balance. I needed to give myself exposure to different forms of exercise, different social scenarios and eating cuisines, and different day-to-day patterns in order to lessen the anxiety of change.

First, just recognize that you are in need of a balance. Then I encourage you to take the steps, slowly at first, but definitive enough to feel good and know that you are on the road to a more peaceful mind.

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