The Secret


On this snowy afternoon, I decided to watch “The Secret.” Now my coworker got this mixed up with “The Notebook,” and thought I was trying to get him to watch a sappy love story when I was really sharing a documentary about placing your order in life and the power of attraction.

For those of you who haven’t watched this movie or read this book before, I highly recommend it. It is all about the universal energy and the energy we exude is the energy we receive. If we are constantly discussing what we dont have and can’t have then we will continue not to have it. However, if we sat down and thought about what we want in life, what our dreams, are and how we see ourselves living and believe it can happen then things start to attract to you making it easier and more realistic.

It’s like a question I have asked many times before : Do you ever feel like the minute you begin to think something or hear about something, everything around you relates to that something? For example, my client told me about the “Handclap” song describing it as a happy, fun song. We played it because I hadn’t heard it, but once she introduced me to it one day, overtime I got in the car I felt like the song came on! 

So this morning I got every encouraged. I know what I want and sometimes get scared about it. My feelings about what I want have not changed for the last year and a half. Now there are a few things I need to believe in and trust for myself but I took the time to close my eyes and envision what I see my life looking like. I wrote that down, and my mood immediately changed. Believe it, be positive, and watch the movie!images.jpeg

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