Rollin with the Punches

Sometimes I feel like the punches keep getting thrown at me. Sometimes harder than others, sometimes I am able to dodge them and sometimes I feel like I get nailed right in the face. Let’s see if you can handle depression and anxiety? oh and why not a little OCD making decisions hard and overthinking your new language?  and a little bisexuality just to make you feel the need to choose something that’s hard enough to choose without mental health struggles? But wait we forgot hip/back and shoulder issues and body mechanic imbalances making you slow down your workouts and  sacrifice the one form of mental calm you have depended on! Will you crumble? How will you defend yourself? How will you fight back? How will you stay strong? It’s definitely been a test and there are days where I feel more defeated than others but as the obstacles keep coming, I take them day by day, one at a time and keep perspective. Slowing workouts down to get better functionality, crying as I express emotions and realize things I have been stuffing deep down, and using all the mental strength I have to be patient for things I want…all of these actions are just proof of mine, and anyone’s, ability to fight off anything that comes your way and do what we know to be best for ourselves. Stay strong, get up if you get knocked down, and keep dodging those punches!

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