Fate Takes Time

Sometimes I want the answers…actually, let’s be honest, I am usually searching for answers. I don’t like the fact that I have no idea how things are going to fit into place or what will happen in my life. For some things, I don’t even think about it and then something happens and I turn around and say “well…didnt see that coming.” That’s when it’s fun and interesting. For other things, I just want to know that things will turn out ok, what will happen, and how long it will take for something to magically change the course of my thinking.

We all get this way, I know. It is much more comforting to know what will happen and to be able to rest assured that person will text you back in 2 weeks time, or in X amount of time your position at work will change to what you want, or your vision of how you want to live your life will come true in almost every way you picture it. Unfortunately, life can’t be this fairytale, fortune-telling dream where we know each thing that will happen and can plan accordingly. Nor is there a question bank where we can get our questions answered honestly. It is all a test of our own ability to be patient, set goals, work hard, and have dreams to strive for.

In a way, it is kind of interesting and can be pretty funny. There are so many things that could happen that we don’t even know about! So many possibilities, sometimes surprising us like crazy and leaving us no option but to smile, shake our heads and think, “so weird how the world works. just a little patience and not overthinking about everything, proves that things just work out.”

It is weird to look back sometimes and see what has happened because it all oddly fits together and has worked out in one way or another. Whether I wanted it to happen or not, there is always something that came out of something else. Someone leaving to let someone else in, someone temporarily out of my life so I can learn about myself and life, one job opening up to help me acquire skills for my next job, someone not answering me in an email or text because it is not the right timing for something to happen. At the time, these things suck so much that we never think anything will turn out in a way that can make us happy, and then by some magical alignment of the stars, things come together, the puzzle is complete, and you can smile just a bit easier.


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