No More Diets

I bite my tongue when people ask me for a diet plan. “Just tell me what to eat because I can do that. I just need something to follow”

I have gotten confident in my answer of “no.” I go on with:

“You wanna know why I say no. It’s because all diets do is label good/bad, success/fail, right/wrong and inherently there is a start and a stop. Something to follow means: until you get bored or annoyed or sick of “the plan.” Everyone knows what to eat or what is healthier than other things, but the question to ask is “WHY are they not eating that way?” No one asks this when we go see a nutritionist or get diagnosed with diabetes or hire a personal trainer. WHY WHY WHY aren’t they eating healthier or exercising more? What is stopping them? What are their individual barriers to change?

Is it fear because they have never been able to or they dont know what to do at the gym? Is it poor body image because they were made fun of as a child? Is it that they eat so they aren’t noticed and don’t risk heartbreak? Is it never feeling good enough so you self-sabatoge? Seriously, people this is the real struggle and NO ONE addresses it! No one looks at the mental health side of things and tries to find out the “WHY.” What are we really eating because it’s not food-it’s feelings, shame, truths, regrets, and so much more. It is not until you talk about the painful things that you learn to let go, not let food have the power, and stop this self destructive cycle. Food works well because it numbs us; it gives us a temporary feeling of satisfaction. What would we have to face if we weren’t eating? Life and all that comes with it. Oh no can’t do that because then we have to feel, to talk, to admit, to cry, to laugh, to yell, to be vulnerable. Are you open for a challenge?

This is my passion. This is my skill. This is my talent and I was given an ability to talk to people in ways that help them see the core issue, that help them gain confidence, let go of baggage, and start making change for themselves. Contact me if this is something you are interested in exploring together because I swear it works. It worked for me and I didnt even know what I was controlling, hiding, and denying myself from until later in life. I didn’t know food’s power until I let it go.


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