Life is a Gamble

Life is a gamble sometimes. The cards flip over and they might match but most times they don’t. Most times you get a few that are the same but it’s not enough to call it a win. The slot machines spin round and round and you get a feeling, and then are disappointed. The ball is tossed on the roulette wheel and you wait…and wait…and wait until it lands on a number. Is it mine? Is it my turn now? Did I win?

Whoops. Nope-again I lost. How long do you try until you move on? How long do you try until you have to try something else? How many times do you let disappointment happen before you give in? I guess that depends on who you are and how much faith, hope, and energy you have.

I guess thats why its called gambling because you don’t know. You try. It doesn’t work. When it does work, when you get lucky, all the bells and whistles go off and you forget all the other times you missed the shot.


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