There are always two sides

To the person loving someone with mental health struggles:

I know it’s hard. I know you care. I know you want to try but it just seems easier not to. It is easy to listen to someone with anxiety spew their doubts and then give up when it gets to be too much. Do not try to allay their fears, but just listen. Know who this person is at the heart, see the patterns in his/her moods, and remember, that once the anxiety passes it will be a different person; the person you love; the person you knew you cared about will be right there waiting for you.

To the one struggling:

No one gets it. You try to explain and it just can’t be grasped. I feel like I’m speaking another language and fall right back on myself. But sometimes there’s a person willing to hear and open to trying to listen. Sometimes someone special will ask questions, admit misunderstanding but be there working and supporting anyways. It takes a strong person. It takes a lot of love. It takes a will, a drive, a desire, and a confidence to take a risk. Are you willing? Are you prepared? Are you far enough away from the heart of the struggles that you can see the panoramic view of how much someone cares despite their struggles? Have you ever thought how painful this is for the one struggling? Imagine feeling something, thinking something, wanting something, and your brain sensing danger and threat and telling you to turn the other way. Where would you go? Nowhere at that point right? This is why it becomes so easy to stay stuck; never moving forward out of fear and expectation of the wrong move. 

Anxiety is like tunnel vision, a foggy lens, a foreign language being spoken to you at great speeds, and a vortex of thought that you get sucked deep down into. Ever try to escape it? It takes so much mental effort to try to “be in the moment” when you are being pulled by enormous force down into the mental spiral. It is 100% easier to just stay in the mental world you have created of fears, doubts, and what-ifs, but it only keeps the cycle progressing. 

Attempt, try, risk getting out of it and know you are better for it.

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