Struggle Opens Up Doors

When I first began to struggle with anxiety and depression, I wasn’t even aware. I didn’t know how to handle it at all. I didn’t know what it was and I almost didn’t care. I just kept going on, thinking it was just who I was, each day the same as the one before it. I was just going with the motions, robotic, and uncomfortably comfortable with that way of life.

Until I wasn’t.

It was apparent that there was something wrong. My zest for life, will to do things, and smiles were all hidden beneath mood swings, insecurity, shame, and confusion. I had lost myself and I had not the first clue of who I was, where to find myself, or that I was even worth finding.

Until I had to do something.

When I hit rock bottom, there was no where else to go but up and I knew I had to work to find the light, the joy, and the passion. I had to put one foot in front of the other and climb. There were glimpses of hope and the idea of what my life could look like, and those glimpses are still there today.  There are still days that feel as if I am going backwards but the mental strategies, awareness, and confidence it will pass all kick into gear. There are new discoveries, avenues to pursue, and new found strengths from a deep struggle. The scars are there and sometimes wounds are opened but the ability to heal and try again build up the resilience necessary.IMG_3131

You, too, can find this hope. You, too, can overcome this pain. You, too, can find the strength. It takes a lot of awareness, work, dedication, support, openness, and focus. But you, too, will be ok.




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