Today a coworker came up to me and said, “You seriously have the cutest laugh ever.”

I, of course, laughed and said “Aw, thanks!”

He continued, “No seriously. I have my headphones in to listen to something but one side is lifted in case someone calls my name and all I hear is your laugh and it’s the best.”

That made me feel good. It was the second person from the same office who said they just hear my laugh through their headphones and it’s great. They can’t help but come in and say something.

I love laughing. I have been lucky enough to work with people who, even on my worst days, days when they know I’m anxious or overthinking or bothered by something, they always find a way to make me laugh. I have thanked a coworker multiple times for his interest and ability in making me smile. I have laughed more in the last year than I have in a while and it is a great feeling.

I don’t think anyone has every told someone not to laugh. Laughter is medicine-no room for anxiety, thinking, doubting, stressing, or anything but just pure emotion showing joy. When someone laughs you can’t help but smile, so we should all work on laughing a bit more!

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