Where Does Your Energy Go?

When you have things you need to say, built up energy, or unresolved situations, where do you throw your energy? When you feel overly excited, full of emotion, and ready to go where do you direct your energy?

Is it the gym? Shopping? Friends? Driving? Reading?
Where does it go?
Do you talk to people? Pull away? Take a walk? Listen to music?

Does it ever build up to something you feel you cannot handle? Does it spill over to other parts of your life, or affect other people in your life?

Energy must be released somehow or the build up can be unhealthy. Even if you feel you have no where to throw positive energy, you can’t hold onto such strong sensations. Find the outlet and breathe. Talk to someone. Write it down. Let it go.


One thought on “Where Does Your Energy Go?

  1. Agreed! So important to pay attention to where you’re putting all of this energy.
    Especially with the ubiquity of screens & distractions that allow you to put off actually dealing with your thoughts.
    I am a huge proponent of writing it down in the morning and talking it out to a trusted listener during the day. (And running. Running works pretty darn well.)

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