So recently, I got an interesting, oddly fitting and encouraging horoscope : “with arms open, heart to the sky, announce to the world that you are ready and willing to accept the next thing in store.” In order to do this in a quiet and serene place, I went to my local hiking spot and a few steps into my hike, I found this puzzle piece.

Now this is odd for a few reasons. For one, I have used the idea of puzzle pieces in my life lately as a way to describe how I feel pieces are coming together, but also it is an interesting time where I have been thinking about things that have happened, things I want in my life, and how I am ready for a few more pieces to be added to move in the direction of the future I envision.

I am someone who, when working on a puzzle, can zone out every other thing in the room. I will focus, want to finish, and not want to quit before it is complete. Life’s puzzle is similar to actual puzzles where I will not quit until all the pieces fit.

2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I like the symbolism here. But also, I hadn’t done a jigsaw in many years, when I found an iPad jigsaw app. You can even create jigsaws from your own photos! It’s great fun as well as being a challenge.

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