The Power of Strangers

Most recently I talked to someone whom I never met, and she has become a very┬áclose friend. She reached out after reading one of my blog posts on a website about my OCD surrounding relationships, and I was thrilled. Someone else "cold-emails!" Phew! And cool because this time I was on the receiving end ­čÖé … Continue reading The Power of Strangers

Celestial Bodies

Weird when two foreign bodies collide, you never know what will form. Will it just fit, will you have to adjust parts, or will they bounce off into two different directions? When a part of something gets lost, it comes back but rarely┬áthe same. Pieces break off, pieces rearrange, pieces fuse┬átogether but you never know … Continue reading Celestial Bodies

Friends that Get it!

"Ok, that's it. Period. Stop. Change subject. Tell me something else. I dont know and you don't know and you have to live with it" My conversation with a friend the other night, reminded me how important it is to have friends who know what you deal with on an intimate level, and how best … Continue reading Friends that Get it!