2017 let’s get it


Happy New Year to everyone out there!

Let me get back on track here. Got a little sidetracked for a while…and by a while I mean months! Oops. Sorry. Well good news is a lot has happened in those few months including me getting an apartment, talking to the one person I’ve been wanting to talk to, going to Jamaica, getting a new title at work, and increasing my confidence in what I do and where I want to go with things in life. Phew. Tired? I am cuz that’s a whole lot in a short amount of time. But I will share a few things…


Work! Follow us. Love us. Support us.

This program is mine now. I get to revamp it, make it what I see it to be, and implement it over and over again. Lots of work to do but good news is I have an intern now helping me. Never have I been in a management position but hey, it’s what I want to do so why not practice now. My intern is awesome-we did yoga the other day and he actually asks me if he can eat lunch when he’s hungry. Now, I never told him to do that and yes, I told him he doesn’t have to do that 🙂 Startup life is very chill so I welcomed him to that by laughing and telling him I hope he didn’t ask me to use the bathroom next. From gym manager, program developer and “vp of client experience,” to being in charge of an intern and making exercise videos until 1 am, getting comfy in front of the camera for promotional footage, I would say work is going well.

Apartment life is so great. Things take time and although not how I planned, this what exactly what I needed to do. I needed to be on my own 🙂 love my own space.


**I know I am totally plain and boring, but this was in the early stages! Disclaimer: no sense of fashion . I will add color

IMG_6157.JPG.jpeg Heres some color for you!   IMG_6156.PNG.png

Ain’t that purrtty? I know you are jealous-the beauties of Jamaica. What’s weird is that this was my first time South in so long! For the last few years I have been going west every single trip and I almost forgot how gorgeous the water and the Caribbean is! Free trip are always a lot more beautiful but this was a special one back to my roots. Visiting my dad and half-brother for X-mas was another “just what I needed” event. Felt just at home and got to have some very necessary conversations, as well as getting to know someone who, I realized, I am very similar to!

Lots is happening, has happened, and will happen. We should be excited for all that’s to come-that which we can control AND that which we cannot. Sometimes I get amazed by things that happen. Patience is key. Take care of yourself. Do what you love. All the rest will follow.





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