The Power of Strangers

Most recently I talked to someone whom I never met, and she has become a very close friend. She reached out after reading one of my blog posts on a website about my OCD surrounding relationships, and I was thrilled. Someone else “cold-emails!” Phew! And cool because this time I was on the receiving end 🙂

What began as an email filled with words of hope and uncertainty potentially seeing if I might be willing to help her, snowballed into an enthusiastic response of personal welcome, a friendship, and a close mentorship.

I immediately felt excited that I could help someone else, and calmed by the idea that someone understood the depths of what this disorder can do to one’s spirit.

I was thrilled to pass on my knowledge and to share my experience; thrilled to help others learn from it, to be seen as a resource, but most importantly to pay it forward and prevent someone from enduring the hardships that I did.





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